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Ensure that your marketing spends generate a continuous sales pipeline that gives your business leads. Create awareness for your brand

How a supermarket chain could
automate a coupon campaign?

Adpix was integrated with an inventory tracking software to increase sales and reduce ad-spend

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Get your business ready for the digital age with websites, apps, inbound marketing and social media strategies

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The top 3 links in a search engine results page get 88% of clicks. We'll get you listed for more leads

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The best leads come from the ads your release. Track which ads and, keywords pull leads

How much of your marketing-budget is actually pulling people into your stores?

Every marketing-dollar spent has to answer two questions. One: how many thousands of people actually see the message? Two: how many of those actually come to your store. As an answer to both the questions, Frodoe1 has compiled metrics for over 500 brands. Click here to know the ads in your brands' marketing campaign that pull leads and put people into your stores.

CPM - Cost Per Thousand Views
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I had big ideas, small budgets and was in a hurry to get my e-commerce site up. Frodoe1 delivered!

Vish - CEO, Winedel

Startegy, execution and economy - 3 counts where Frodoe1 excels. They keep the momentum going. Always.

Sanjay - CEO, PT Practice Pro

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