Lead Generation
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Leads is the fuel that keeps your sales engine running.

B2B lead generation should be focused.

A spray and pray broadsword-strategy drains your marketing spend. You might get a few good leads.

But you will also pull in a ton of junk that clogs your sales funnel.

So throw the sword. Instead, pick up a scalpel and follow a 6-prong lead generation strategy

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Get inbound

On an average outbound leads cost 61% more than inbound leads. Outbound marketing works. But it needs deep pockets.

This is why established brands are also hitching their stars onto the digital bandwagon. Needless to say up and coming businesses need to get inbound in a hurry.

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Build data-driven Relationships

Avoid random decisions. Decision making should be driven by data. That's how relationships are built.

Know which of your advertisements are pulling customers to your business. Who is seeing the ads? Where? And when? You will need an ad-program that answers these questions clearly and consistently.

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23% of total Internet usage time is devoted to social networks or blogs, which means that a large chunk of users are obtaining information and knowledge via blogs.

Multiple blogs a week increase your customer chances as opposed to 1 blog a week. A blog is the best way to initiate a dialogue with a prospect.consistently.

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Communicate Visually

An infographic is more than worth a 1000-words.

The fact is: Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text.

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Sell Socially

Don't let naysayers say otherwise.

Social media, if understood and channelled well, will pull in leads

  • Facebook offers a variety of ad products to generate leads from targeted advertising, events, tabs, or organic posts.
  • Twitter's Lead Generation Cards are a two-click solution to social lead generation. Twitter Cards are displayed as promoted tweets would, but when someone clicks on the image, the card expands to reveal an offer or sign-up form that is auto-populated with the user's name, email address, and Twitter handle.
  • With product offerings such as Lead Collection, direct ads, and sponsored updates, LinkedIn has shown that their ad products can be 277% more effective at generating leads

Quality Content = Quality Leads

Like filling up a gas tank for a long journey, fill up the content in your digital lead generation journey. A good lead generation strategy consistently puts out content and offers that provide real value to the prospective lead..

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