PRIM-E - Platform for Real-time Inbound Marketing for Enterprises
Frodoe Prime
Attract Prospects
Your business doesn't have to spend money on traditional outbound marketing tactics like:
  • Buying ads
  • Radio Commercials
  • Hoardings
  • Buying email lists
  • Relying solely on cold-calling leads
Instead Attract Customers to your Showroom With:
  • Email Campaigns
  • Blogging
  • Email SEO
  • Call-to-action landing pages
Get your visitors to take action like:
  • Click to get 10% off on Quote
  • Schedule a Demo
  • Ask for a Test Drive
  • Download e-book
  • Give your feedback
Instead attract customers to your showroom with:
  • Email Campaigns
  • SEO
  • Call-to-action landing pages
On each action the visitor lands on a specially designed page, which takes her / him one-step closer to a transaction.
Close Sale
Converting a prospect to a customer: that's where the rubber meets (in many cases doesn't actually meet) the road. How do you ensure that the process moves forward smoothly with a series of post-lead follow-up activities
  • Emails
  • Custom Creative Development
  • Integrated Market Automation
  • Custom Demo
Delight Customers
In your inbound marketing strategy the key influencer is content. Targeted content pulls traffic. It engages customers with your organization. It helps your business upsell to your current customer base. Tools that delight customers are
  • Social Media pages
  • Blogging
  • Viral Contests
  • Call-to-action landing pages.
Frodoe Prime
PRIM-E - Your web-based Marketing Platform for Lead Generation
PRIM-E is a secure web-based inbound lead generation program. It can be used by CXO level personnel in marketing and sales departments in an organization to track monthly traffic / footfalls that their marketing campaigns are pulling into showrooms in different parts of the Country. It is password protected, simple to use tool that can be accesed on tablets and mobile phones.
Frodoe Prime
PRIM-E - Follows up on & Validates Leads That Are Generated
Once the lead is logged in (either from a cold call or from or, the lead is captured in our inbound marketing lead automation screen. Then within 5 minutes an automatic email is triggered from your sales id to the person or organization that has shown interest in your product / service. This is then followed by a custom pitch on "why buy my product or servcice?" within in 2 business days.
Frodoe Prime
PRIM-E is low cost and Highly Effective
PRIM-E has successfully proved its mettle across industry verticals and geographies. Businesses in US and India spanning verticals like IT Services, Consulting, Healthcare, Retail and Automobiles continue to use PRIM-E to keep the leads flowing into the sales funnel. It is the ONLY inbound marketing program that combines the best of both online and offline advertising worlds.