AdPix Pro helps your brand's offer ad be found in more online searches

AdPix Pro is the advertising platform developed by Frodoe1. It is at the core of our retail search portals (India) and (USA). AdPix Pro helps customers find offers, discounts, deals, coupons or any other promotions advertised by your brand when your customers are actually searching for them. AdPix Pro does this by getting your deals and offers linked & listed in search engine result pages.

This listing is organic (on the left side of a search engine results page). And hence more credible. If planned well, we will aim for a page-1 listing where over 80% of clicks actually happen. For more details on how your business can benefit from AdPix Pro email

StockSmart is a combination of inventory management + retail search advertising

Retailers across the World have one common problem - inventory. Stock sitting on the shelves clogs capital, increases operations cost and is a silent killer that lays many businesses low. StockSmart identifies idling stock so that inventory doesn't pile up. And what's more through a unique couponing method lists the stock in Frodoe. These deals, coupons listed in Frodoe are linked to leading search engine result pages, where customers click on them and land in your website / store.