About Us

Our About Us story begins with an About You Story:

The About You story is about the way you live both as a consumer and a business owner. As a consumer you hate receiving cold calls. And yet your marketing team advises you to invest in cold calls. As a consumer you don't like reading unsolicited email communications. And yet your marketing team encourages you to do email blasts. You barely click paid ads in search results. Your SEO asks for a hefty slice of your budget on paid ads. These gaps about the way you live as a consumer and as a business owner forms the crux of the About You story.

We are Bridging the Digital Divide Gaps with Inbound Marketing:

Frodoe1 was founded, in 2014, based on a simple fact: consumers have embraced digital headlong, while businesses are doing it in fits and starts. This has led not only to businesses finding it hard to win new customers but also investing an ever increasing percentage of marketing spends merely to retain existing customers. Frodoe1 has addressed this universal pain point with its real time inbound marketing platform - PRIM-E.

PRIM-E is intuitive, easy to use and fully automates lead generation and post-lead follow up. It helps your business contact, communicate and convert prospects into customers. Frodoe1 has a clear mission: To guarantee positive results for your MBA (Marketing, Branding & Advertising) spends. Click here to see how we can help you increase effectiveness of your advertising and lead generation spends.

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