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BFSI Branding
"BFSI branding is about trust, reliablity and personalized service"

Banks and FS institutions should project a mixture of technology & modernness rooted in old values of reliability & trust. Personalized service will be the perfect icing on the cake

It is a smart engagement if your BFSI website :
  • Has a clear, uncluttered design highlighting key products, services of the bank
  • Lists key benefits of products & services so that more customers will use them
  • Pre-empts questions that makes a prospect feel "this banker understands my finances"
  • Has a page-1 listing in search engine result pages on a query of 3 or more keywords
Vendor should ensure that Marketing, Branding & Advertising investments should have measurable returns
  • Number of backlinks should improve Q-on-Q. More customers should visit bank / branches
  • Vendor should minimize ad-spend of the bank by maximizing online impact of offline advertising using effective SEO & Organic listing
  • Vendor should help bank promote unlimited campaigns from its website - and generate enquiries from them