Case Studies
Frodoe Case studies
Helping a supermarket chain identify and reduce its inventory
Frodoe1 was approached by a mid-sized supermarket in Salem, which was facing an excess inventory problem. The solution was to develop an inventory tracking application called StockSmart and integrate it into the supermarket’s PoS software. After the implementation the supermarket chain was able to identify, rein in excess ordering of material and began inventory dilution through couponing (excess stock) in Frodoe’s AdPix platform
Frodoe Case studies
Rebranding a software vendor and helping it increase its market share
Frodoe1 is working with a EMR software solution provider for Physiotherapy clinics across USA. The Company tasked Frodoe1 with the objective of building its brand, enhancing its market share and increasing its sales pipeline. Frodoe began by repositioning PT Practice Pro as a vendor whose software was “Priceless” to the well-being of PT clinics. The entire digital collateral was remodelled to the new positioning
Frodoe Case studies
Software that Helps Streamline Boutiques
Frodoe1 developed a precision management software for custom boutiques. The software called GlintPro, is a tablet and mobile-enabled application that enables boutiques to store client, order details and manage payments. It combines the features of a phone book, order book, bill book and a calculator. The application acts like a Personal Assistant to boutique owners by consolidating key data in a systematic and secure manner. It can be accessed on Windows, iOS and Android devices.