Author great content for your Organization/Establishment


Seed it in the web with your website at the centre


Get your dealership content listed in SERPs


Drive traffic back to your store

The question a prospect asks is:
"Why buy a computer from you"? ion?

Consumers feel comfortable buying computers online. Their dilemma isn't about the brand. There is enough material on the internet about brands/models to make informed choices.

It is a smart engagement if your dealership website :
  • Has a 90-seconds video pitch that convinces prospects to buy ONLY from your store
  • pre-empts questions that a prospect will have pertaining to each configuration
  • lists, ticks all check boxes that makes a prospect feel "this dealer knows my concerns"
  • page-1 listing in search engine result pages on a combination of 3 or more keywords
Leads should result in revenue. Not just telephone calls
  • Generate pre-qualified leads that result in Revenue
  • Use keywords that pull more leads. And change ads, keywords as often as you'd like - as many as 52 times a year, i.e. one ad a week
  • Increase life of your paper and bill boards advertisements by listing them in Frodoe, which will link them to search engines. This will give you more leads to your dealership.