Author great content for your Organization/Establishment


Seed it in the web with your website at the centre


Get your dealership content listed in SERPs


Drive traffic back to your store

Customers search online and shop offline for your Services

A yoga class to make you feel fit and fine, a lawn mowing session that makes your home look beautiful... these are services that small businesses take pride in providing.

It is a smart engagement if your dealership website :
  • Has a 90-seconds video pitch that convinces prospects to buy ONLY from your business
  • pre-empts questions that a prospect will have pertaining to each aspect of your service
  • lists, ticks all check boxes that makes a prospect feel "this business knows my concerns"
  • page-1 listing in search engine result pages on a combination of 3 or more keywords
Leads should result in revenue. Not just telephone calls
  • Generate pre-qualified leads that result in Revenue
  • Use keywords that pull more leads. And change ads, keywords as often as you'd like - as many as 52 times a year, i.e. one ad a week
  • Increase life of your paper and bill boards advertisements by listing them in Frodoe, which will link them to search engines. This will give you more leads to your dealership.