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social media optimixzation
social media optimixzation

Facebook runs it. Facebook's billion+ users, gives it a self-reinforcing advantage: the more people that are on Facebook, the less reason newcomers have to not be on Facebook. So, if your business isn't on this square, you've missed the party. Fortunately this party goes on. And on. Here are a few ways to invite yourself in:

social media optimixzation
Running a contest
  • Choose a prize & entry method
  • Build a contest page
  • Promote it
  • Monitor it
  • Follow-up on it
social media optimixzation
Running a giveaway
  • Visually rich-ad with concise and well-written copy
  • Clear set up of terms & conditions of entry & participation
  • The duration of the giveaway should be short
  • Synchronize giveaways to purchase cycles
  • Have a process to reach out to contestants
social media optimixzation
Running an ad-campaign
  • Identify what you want to advertise: post / story / ad
  • Identify objectives – sales / increasing likes: remember budgets vary. And it is difficult to directly sell unless there is a landing page for the visitor; usually a sponsored store. The cost of the click is very similar to PPC-style advertising.

that are visually compelling then Pinterest can put people in your stores. The usual suspects in terms of categories: Fashion, Beauty, Dining, Jewellery, Automobiles etc.

social media optimixzation
3-reasons to consider Pinterest
  • 40 million active users / month browse & guide through a huge treasure trove of visuals
  • Share visual content through pinning & re-pinning
  • Interact with visual content through liking & commenting
social media optimixzation
What makes it unique
  • Over 500,000 (including 107 Fortune 500) businesses have a Pinterest account
  • Each product service pinned can have a price-drop / offer alert
  • A very good medium to engage young female mobile users
social media optimixzation
Businesses that can engage with Pinterest
  • Dining, fashion, beauty, home decor, sports, hospitality Liquor, Jewellery and Gardening
  • Pins should have positive and aspirational content preferably in warm colors
  • Content with a vertical aspect ratio between 2:3 and 4:5 get 60% more re-pins